Mini 27 String

The Norris 27 string is aimed, not so much at small beginners, but more at serious and professional players who occasionally require a very small, portable harp.

With its 27 string range from 5th Octave C to 1st Octave A, this very compact little harp weighs only 4.8kgs thanks to its light-weight Carbon Core.  Providing professional sound and playing qualities along with high quality semitone levers and the assurance of stable tuning and professional reliability.

Can be comfortably used as a knee harp or played on a table top or used with a Norris harp stand to play either sitting or standing.


Mini 27 String prices from £3490


Wood: American Walnut, Figured Maple, English Walnut or Scottish Yew.

Inlay: Full Inlay is standard for all 27 String harps

Strings: Heavy, Medium or Light gauge in Gut or Carbon.

Levers: Gold Plated Camac Levers or Norris Jazz Levers

Soundbox: The Mini 27 comes with a fixed size soundbox.

Core: Carbon core is standard for all 27 String harps

Height: 94cm.