Lute-Back 34 String

The Norris Lute-Back harp has a beautifully crafted lute style soundbox made from twelve matching staves of wood inter-spaced with lines of contrasting inlay.

Fine craftsmanship combined with fine materials to produced a really stunning small harp which sounds as good as it looks. Some of the world's finest harp players have performed and recorded on one of these.

Lute-Back models have Full Inlay as standard and can be made with a light weight Carbon Core. There is now also an optional Big Soundbox available for Lute-Back models. Players can choose Gold Plated Camac Levers, Norris Jazz Levers or Norris Pro Levers.


Lute-Back 34 prices from £5750


Wood: American Walnut, Figured Maple, English Walnut, Scottish Yew or Cocobolo.

Inlay: Full Inlay is standard.

Strings: Heavy, Medium or Light gauge in Gut or Carbon.

Levers: Gold Camac Levers, Norris Jazz Levers or Norris Pro Levers.

Soundbox: Choice of Standard or Big Soundbox.

Core: Lute-Back models have a Carbon Core as standard.

Height: 114cm.