Profile Inlay

All models of Norris Harp have ‘Profile Inlay’ as standard.  The Profile Inlay highlights the shape/profile of the harp with a contrasting inlay line   ...  so the lighter Maple harps usually have a dark Rosewood inlay line and the darker Walnut harps usually have a pale Boxwood inlay line.  In addition to highlighting the beautiful profile of the harp, the inlay line also draws the eye away from the outside edge of the wood so that it effectively makes the instrument look more slender & light.  I hope the addition of inlay also helps to emphasise the attention to detail and the high level of craftsmanship in a Norris harp.


Full Inlay   ...

In addition to the standard ‘Profile Inlay’ lines,  the optional ‘Full Inlay’ adds additional inlay lines to the front and top of the harp frame and also around the soundholes at the back of the soundbox.  For a professional harp, this is a nice addition which enhances the appearance of the instrument from the audience’s perspective.  For a light-weight professional harp, created around a Carbon Core, these additional inlay lines also nicely cover all the joins!