White Maple

I use American Rock Maple which is outstanding for its great strength and stability. It makes a bright sounding harp which is also very robust and reliable. The White Maple looks very striking with contrasting lines of Ebony or Rosewood inlay.

My standard models use White Maple for players who prefer a light coloured harp or American Black Walnut for players who prefer a rich, dark colour.

American Black Walnut

The American Walnut is a beautiful, rich, dark wood which combines well with Boxwood inlay lines. A relatively light-weight but strong timber producing a good stable harp which is slightly lighter in weight than the Maple.

This is the dark wood option for all my standard harps, as well as being a very popular choice for my more decorative models with full inlay.

Figured Maple

If you prefer a very light coloured harp, the Figured Maple is almost pure white but with a beautiful flame figured grain. Ebony or Rosewood inlay lines create a particularly striking contrast against the white Figured Maple.

Traditionally used as timber for musical instruments, Figured Maple is used to make violins, cellos & double basses..

English Walnut

A rare and expensive English Wood, the Walnut is a very beautiful, warm dark timber which also has just the right strengths and qualities for an excellent sounding harp. Traditionally used for gun stocks both because of its fine appearance and it's shock-resistant strength.

Looks very good combined with Boxwood inlay lines.

Scottish Yew

One of the most unusual and exotic looking timbers grown in the UK with a unique colour enhanced by many interesting and beautiful knots and grain pattens, making every Yew wood harp quite unique and individual in appearance. A very slow growing tree ( some of the oldest trees in Europe are Yew trees ), the Yew tree is also associated with many ancient myths and legends.

Yew works equally well with either a dark Rosewood inlay or a light Boxwood inlay.


A very expensive but exceptionally beautiful wood, the intense dark colours of Cocobolo produce a really stunning looking harp. The additional weight of Cocobolo is a deterrent to some players ( a harp will weigh around 2Kg more than the same model in American Black Walnut ) but the striking looks and superb sound quality are perhaps worth the extra money and extra weight!

Combined with a light weight Carbon Core, players can now have the benefit of a beautiful Cocobolo harp which is still a reasonable weight.