Renowned for fine craftsmanship, exceptional tone and high quality semitone levers, Mark Norris Harps are regarded by many leading players as the finest instruments available.

Over 35 years working with students, teachers, performers and recording artists,  Norris Harps have been continually developed and improved to meet the needs of professional players.

A selection of recent instruments shown here will give you an impression of the range & quality of Norris harps. The carefully selected timbers and high quality workmanship should speak for themselves   ...  but there are also many unseen elements of Norris Harp design which help to make these instruments both practical and special for performers   ...

...   for example, most Norris harps are now created around a Carbon Fibre Core which makes them much lighter and also more robust for easy transportation and stable tuning

  ...  or players may require an Electro-Acoustic instrument which makes it easier to achieve a high quality amplified harp sound.