Each Norris Harp is specially made to order so it is possible for players to choose from an unusually wide range of options to achieve their ideal instrument ...
... 27, 34 or 36 Strings Models
... Models with Folk or Pedal harp string spacing
... Heavy, Medium or Light String Gauge/Tension
... Gut or Carbon Strings
... Camac or AluLite Levers or Norris Pro Levers
... White Maple, American Walnut, Figured Maple, English Walnut, Scottish Yew or Cocobolo wood
... Light-Weight Carbon Core option
... Electro-Acoustic option
... ... ... so I hope you will enjoy looking through the various pages of Harps & Choices to see what is possible.

You are also most welcome to email or phone any time to get further information and advice about Norris Harps ... and you are of course most welcome to visit the workshop in Stobo if you ever travel this way.

The inlay of an in progress Norris Harp

Many beautiful CDs/recordings made on Norris harps are available from many different players ... and you will find a small selection of audio samples & videos on the Players page in addition to direct links to player's websites.

The workshop where Mark Norris makes his harps and clasach

Mark Norris originally trained as a maker of harpsichords, spinets & clavichords with Arnold Dolmetsch Ltd between 1976 & 1981.

He married harp player & composer Savourna Stevenson and in 1981 returned to Scotland to establish his own workshop specialising in the design & making of small harps. Savourna's creative compositions and her virtuosic performing & recording required high quality instruments with high quality semitone levers ... which have formed the basis of Mark Norris Harp's on-going development over the last 35 years.

Making a beautiful sounding clarsach takes time