Light Bright 34 String

The 'Light Bright' model is specially designed for players who want a very brilliant, bright tone from light gauge strings, combined with a strong bass sound produced from the larger soundbox.

The Light Bright 34 model also features pedal harp string spacing which is slightly wider in the bass than a standard Norris Harp.

This new model includes a carbon fibre reinforced frame and titanium tuning pegs to produce a very portable harp weighing 9.5Kg or as little as 8Kg with the Carbon Core option.


The Light Bright 34 prices from £4080


Wood: White Maple, American Walnut, Figured Maple, English Walnut, Scottish Yew or Cocobolo.

Inlay: Full or profile inlay.

Strings: Light or Medium Gauge, Gut or Carbon.

Levers: Gold Camac levers or Norris Jazz Levers.

Soundbox: The light bright 34 has a large soundbox as standard.

Core: Choice of wood or carbon core.

Height: 119cm.