SOLD - Norris Harp in Scottish Yew Wood with Norris Pro Levers

A Second Hand Norris Round-Back Harp in Scottish Yew Wood with Full Rosewood Inlay and Norris Pro Levers.

Only 2 years old, this beautiful yew harp is in 'as new' condition.  Currently strung with Heavy Gauge Gut strings.

Located in Glastonbury, this harp is available for immediate sale. Please get in touch with Mark Norris Harps for contact details if you wish to view this harp in Glastonbury.

Price £5,900


Wood: Scottish Yew Wood.

Inlay: Full Rosewood Inlay.

Strings: Heavy Gauge Gut

Levers: Norris Pro Levers.

Soundbox: Standard Soundbox.

Core: Standard Wood Core

Height:  114cm.