Harp Repairs

Sorry I don't usually have time to undertake repairs & restorations to harps other than Norris Harps  ...          ...  but, all Norris Harps will be assessed and repaired as swiftly as possible to get you playing again.

Minor repairs to the varnish or woodwork or semitone levers can sometimes be done immediately within a day, but it's often helpful to have a couple of days available for varnish drying time or making up new semitone lever parts.

If your harp has been accidentally damaged in any way, it may be worthwhile to claim on your insurance as repairs can be expensive and it's better to do a thorough job of fixing the damage   ...  ...  a painful example ( unfortunately a real example ) would be a harp knocked over on a spiky gravel drive after the player performed at a wedding   ...  and fixing all the dents required a complete re-spray   ...  which required dismantling and then re-stringing the entire harp    ...  costing £1,400!  I guess that is what insurance is for.

One the bright side, almost anything is repairable.