Electro-Acoustic Harps

Any model of Norris Harp can be pre-fitted with the Dusty P20 Pickup System...

...   A high quality pickup system, developed specifically for the harp by the American makers Dusty Strings   ...  this is our favourite harp  pickup so far.

Using four carefully placed piezo pickup elements, the Dusty P20 Harp Pickup System achieves a natural and well balanced sound across the full range of the harp. The pickup works well at any volume level without the problems of feedback which can be a concern when using microphones at higher volume.

The pickup system is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox of the harp, so is invisible to the audience. A single jack socket mounted on the back of the harp makes for true plug and play ease of use   ...  so you can simply plug your harp straight into any amplifier, mixer or PA system.


It is also possible to fit the Dusty P20 Pickup System to older Norris harps if required   (   ...  and even pedal harps can be fitted with the specially designed Dusty P30 Pickup ).

This requires a quick workshop job of around 1 1/2 hours to fit the pickup, which will cost you £45 for the fitting in addition to the cost of the Dusty P20 Pickup  (   ...  or a DIY fitting job is possible if you are a competent & brave DIY type ).

You can get more information or purchase a Dusty P20 Pickup from our online shop at   ...